I am not a musician. I like music… some music… someone once asked me what kind of music I like… the only thing I could come up with was that I like many kinds of music if it has space in it, and it not all filled up to the brim with sound. I like Satie because of that. But it is not just spaces between the notes… it is space being part of the music and not space being just something to get filled up with as many sounds as possible.

What captivated me was the first part of the concert with you and Martin Grudaj. Somehow when you both play, space becomes an integral part of the interplay of sound that each of you were playing. And listening somehow felt like being part of a sensuous invitation… being captivated in a breathless anticipation of the next note to appear… I found myself enjoying that. 
Anyway, that was my experience. So for me, the contrast of the two parts of tonight’s concert made it even clearer to me what I myself meant when I said that I like music with space in it. Thank you for that.